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Dear INFP, You’re Not A Mess. You’re A SCANNER, And That’s Awesome.

Career & Professional SuccessINFP Problems

Do you feel like you’re drifting aimlessly in life, unable to commit your attention to just one thing, because that would mean missing out too many other exciting opportunities? Do you think you’re great at starting projects, but don’t have enough focus or perseverance to finish them? Do you get easily excited about new things […]

September 2, 2017
INFP Career Struggles

INFP Career Struggles: Which Way Should I Go?

Career & Professional Success

I’m at a crossroads once again. I got recently fired from a job that I liked… sort of. It was badly paid and kind of abusive, but many tasks and the place itself gave me a sense of fulfillment at times. Being happily unemployed and spending my time doing nothing productive in my parents’ country […]

July 31, 2017
Narcissistic Boss

Working For A Narcissistic Boss: On The Doorstep Of Hell

Career & Professional SuccessSelf-Growth

Working for a narcissistic boss is like walking blindfolded on a minefield: one false step is enough to trigger an explosion. It may not kill you, but it will mangle your soul and shatter your mental health. As some of your already know, not a long time ago I quit my unsatisfying job in the […]

April 7, 2017
Overcoming Fear Of Change

Fear Of Change: Taking A Step Into The Unknown…

Career & Professional SuccessDealing With EmotionsSelf-Growth

Feeling stuck in life? Want to change your life for better? Well, why don’t you change it then? Why don’t you take the first step? … Easier said than done. Paradoxically, we want a change, but when the opportunity comes, our fear of change makes us do everything to avoid it. Novelty is tempting, but […]

November 15, 2016
5 Behaviors of Manipulative People

How To Spot A Manipulator: 9 Alarming Behaviors Of Manipulative People

Career & Professional SuccessRelationships

Manipulation is a kind of social influence aimed at tricking other people into unconsciously taking actions that fulfill manipulator’s goals. Spotting a manipulator isn’t easy because they pretend to be normal, caring and kind people. They mastered the art of camouflage and twisting everything around in such a way that you feel guilty, frustrated, or anxious, but […]

October 12, 2016
Signs of job Burnout Syndrome

17 Signs Of Job Burnout & Why You Should Do Something About It (Before It’s Too Late)

Career & Professional SuccessMental Health

Job burnout is a taboo topic. It’s easier to pretend that everything is fine and sweep it under the carpet than to talk about it. Of course, we can manage. Not being able to manage is perceived as weakness, and nobody wants to be thought of as weak. As a result, many people pretend to […]

September 10, 2016

INFP. A sensitive, yet adventurous soul on a never-ending quest for the meaning of life and the reasons behind human behavior. Sometimes, a I'm frolicking unicorn pooping rainbows. On other occasions, I can be as deep as the Mariana Trench. After some psychotherapy and medication, I am seeing my depression as a source of positive changes and self growth. If I could choose any superpower I wanted, it would be healing.

INFP's Self-Growth
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