12 Tips On How To Help Someone With Depression (& Preserve Your Sanity)

How To Help A Depressed PersonMental Health
How To Help Someone With Depression
November 1, 2016
How to help someone with depression without falling prey to depression yourself? Many of you who live with a depressive ask themselves this question. There’s no doubt that depression makes family bonds fall apart and affects other family member’s mental health. From my Mom’s experience, I can tell you that depressed people may be unbearable […]

Depressed Or Just Sad? 10 Signs Of Depression You Shouldn’t Ignore

Depression & Anxiety Knowledge
10 Signs of Depression
October 28, 2016
Feeling blue? Should you be worried about your mental health? In this post, I will tell you about 10 signs of depression you should watch for. They can be manifested alone or in a combination, and some aren’t even commonly associated with this serious disease. I am not suggesting you, however, that you should autodiagnose yourself on the […]

Self-Help Books For Depression & Anxiety That Actually Helped Me

Overcoming Depression NaturallySelf-Help Book Reviews
Self-Help Books For Depression
October 27, 2016
I’ve recently come across a newly published book on depression written by a Polish celebrity. Being full of New-Age waffle and promoting mental health stereotypes, it turned out to be so bad that it inspired me to list for you some of the good books that tackle this issue. It’s not very likely to get […]

Avoid Being Manipulated: 7 Things That Make You An Ideal Target For Manipulators

Avoid Being Manipulated
October 20, 2016
Anyone and everyone is potentially vulnerable to control or manipulation, but some people are more likely to fall victims of manipulation than other. Certain personality traits, behaviors, and ways of thinking expose you to manipulators influence. What exactly makes one a walking target and how to avoid being manipulated? The moment I realized I was […]

How To Spot A Manipulator: 9 Alarming Behaviors Of Manipulative People

Career & Professional SuccessRelationships
5 Behaviors of Manipulative People
October 12, 2016
Manipulation is a kind of social influence aimed at tricking other people into unconsciously taking actions that fulfill manipulator’s goals. Spotting a manipulator isn’t easy because they pretend to be normal, caring and kind people. They mastered the art of camouflage and twisting everything around in such a way that you feel guilty, frustrated, or anxious, but […]

Overcoming The Stigma Of Mental Illness: 5 Reasons Why I Am Not Ashamed Of My Depression

Fighting the Stigma
Stigma of Mental Illness
October 5, 2016
In spite of the enormous progress in medicine, there is very little progress in people’s mentality regarding mental health. The stigma of mental illness is still alive. As a result, not only we struggle with the illness itself, but also with the shame that comes attached to it, with discrimination, and judgmental attitude. When you […]

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: Learning To Enjoy The Here & Now

How To Help A Depressed PersonOvercoming Depression Naturally
Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
September 29, 2016
Each episode of depression doubles the risk that there will be another one. In other words, the more often you feel depressed, the more likely you are to feel even more depressed. That’s really depressing, isn’t it? No medication guarantees that you will get rid of depression forever – it only keeps you well as […]

Learning How To Ask For Help & Feel Okay About It When You Are A DIY Girl

Dealing With EmotionsSelf-Growth
How To Ask For Help
September 25, 2016
I HATE asking for help. To be honest, I do everything I can to avoid it. I browse hundreds of tutorials on YouTube and procrastinate a lot. I know that many of you struggle with it too. It especially hard to understand concerning that nobody is completely self-sufficient, and together we are more likely to […]

What Is The Linden Method & Is It As Effective As They Claim?

Mental HealthOvercoming Depression Naturally
What Is The Linden Method
September 21, 2016
What is the Linden Method? Most people who suffer from anxiety disorders have probably come across this anxiety treatment, created by Charles Linden, a former anxiety sufferer who managed to overcome anxiety and shares the method in his book. On the internet, you can find different opinions, varying from “complete scam” to “extremely effective”, especially […]

How To Fight Depression Naturally Once & For All: 6 Steps To Antidepressant Lifestyle

Mental HealthOvercoming Depression Naturally
Ways Prevent Depression
September 17, 2016
Every episode of major depression doubles the risk that there will be another one. Wonder how to fight depression naturally and prevent it from coming back? It’s easier than you think, but few psychiatrist will tell you the secret. So if you want to learn how to fight depression and keep it away for the […]

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