Valentine’s Day For Singles: 8 Ways To Show Yourself Love

February 1, 2017

The first half of February is a hard time for singles – especially for those of us who happen not to be loving it. As there is love in the air, the atmosphere gets pretty unbearable. Especially in bigger cities, where we’re constantly attacked with useless heart-shaped kitsch thingies and special Valentine’s offers for couples. Everything seems to mercilessly remind you that you’re bound to die abandoned and lonely. But for me, being single on Valentine’s day is no reason to get depressed.

To be honest, I somehow can’t relate to the situation of a person who perceives his or her being single as a problem. For me, it’s always meant freedom to do anything I want, without restrictions or having to consider anyone’s opinions. I am not desperately looking for my “better half”, as the whole concept of is already quite absurd. I am good enough the way I am. In Spanish, the significant other is usually referred to as “media naranja” – half of an orange. Once again, I find it inappropriate. I’m an entire orange and I need nobody to complement me. But if I ever come across a ripe banana, a juicy peach or a crazy coconut, I may be willing to make a fruit salad with them.

Being in an unsatisfying relationship only because you fear becoming a spinster is much worse that being single. The latter may be actually quite satisfying and fun!

What do I celebrate if  I’m a lonely single longing for finding a soulmate, you may think. Even if you believe that Valentine’s day is the most overrated and commercialized holiday of the year, there is no need to shot every couple holding hands that pass by your house. Think about the benefits of being single on Valentine’s day… You can spend on yourself all the money you haven’t spent on your partner, isn’t that awesome? Valentine’s day is perfect opportunity to show yourself love with some high quality me-time. Here are some ways you can do it.

(For obvious reasons, this guide has been writtern from a female point of view – forgive me, gentlemen.)


Valentine’s Day For Singles

#1. Write a love letter you yourself. Yes, you. For those who often engage in self-flagellation practices it’s actually a pretty good therapeutic exercise. Tell yourself how much you appreciate yourself, praise what you’re proud of, and forgive yourself all mistakes and failures. You are good enough, no matter what others say.

#2. Pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath, put an exfoliating mask on your face, paint your nails, make your hair and put some makeup on. Use your best perfumes and wear a special outfit to feel special on that day, just because you’re worth it.

#3. Go on a date. How about a day spa or a massage? Or a hip barber shop as an option for guys? If the very sight of happy couples doesn’t make you throw up rainbows, you can also go to the movies or a restaurant. But it’s better to do it earlier, in the evening everything will be booked out.

#4. Make something special for dinner. Or order your favorite food, if you don’t like cooking. One way or another, use the dishes and cutlery set for special occasions because you’ll be your own guest this time.

#5. Meditate. Slow down, relax, and breathe. Turn your attention inwards. Just be with yourself.

#6. Make a Netflix marathon. Watch your favorite movies or series while treating yourself with a bowl of tortilla chips with guacamole or a bucket of ice cream. Today is your day, so everything is allowed.

#7. Go to a party for singles or organize one yourself. Check if there are any interesting events in your city you can join, or take your single friends bowling. You’re not the only one that is single, even if it may seem so.

#8. Give yourself an orgasm. Why not? Through masturbation you can get better acquainted with your own body and its needs, release some dopamine and boost your mood with endorphins. Technically speaking, it doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or with a partner. You can get some awesome toys in a sex shop, or order them on the internet. Modern massagers are nothing like the oldschool dick-shaped vibrators! Try this magic wand, for example.


Don’t let Valentine’s day make you feel depressed just because you’re single. You will find love in the right time. But for someone to love you, you must love yourself first.

If you have a single friend who hates Valentine’s, share this post with him/her! Sharing is caring.


With love,


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