Anti Depression Tips Power of Hugging

Anti Depression Tips: The Power of Hugging

How To Help A Depressed PersonOvercoming Depression Naturally

I really miss my Dad’s hugs. Since he is gone, I am definitely not receiving enough affection, also, because my soon-to-end distance relationship sucks and makes me feel even more lonely. For this reason, whenever I have the opportunity, I give my friends a hug to steal some of their good energy for myself. I […]

May 14, 2016
Depression Gratitude

Why Am I Grateful For My Depression

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Even though depression is hell on Earth, as every cloud, it has its silver lining. And, just like a cloud, after a while it goes away, leaving behind blue sky and sunshine. Gratefulness is one of the think I am working on right now, so let’s practice some gratitude. If you are very depressed, it […]

May 13, 2016
Careers Highly Sensitive People

Best Career For Highly Sensitive People – Is It Worth Trying?


Today I would like to share with you tips about one of the careers  Highly Sensitive People will certainly like, because it lets us take advantage of this trait and use it to our benefit. Ever since my idee fixe was to find a way to generate passive income, so I can spend the rest […]

May 11, 2016
Highly Sensitive Person job

Highly Sensitive Person Job: How To Achieve Professional Fulfillment As An HSP

Highly Sensitive PersonSelf-Growth

From my experience I can tell you that finding a satisfactory Highly Sensitive Person job is a challenge. Most children have it very clear what they want to be when they grow up. I did not, but spent a lot of time and effort to figure it out myself. Trying to find my career path, […]

May 9, 2016
Do I have depression? Signs of depression in women

Do I Have Depression? Signs Of Depression In Women

Depression & Anxiety Knowledge

Signs of depression in women may not be very obvious at first sight, and they often considerably differ from the behavior of depressed men. Some symptoms are also gender-specific, but it does not mean that a woman cannot show some “male” symptoms. To complicate this matter even more, two persons may suffer from clinical depression […]

May 8, 2016