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Being Too Sensitive INFP

Am I Too Sensitive, Or Am I Being Abused?

Dealing With EmotionsHighly Sensitive Person

I’ve been recently accused of being too sensitive at least twice. Yes, ACCUSED. It’s never meant as a compliment. The first time, it was my former flatmate, the most obnoxious and hypocritical guy that I’ve ever met. He said that by treating me like a doormat, he was doing me a favor, because the world […]

June 8, 2017
Avoid Being Manipulated

Avoid Being Manipulated: 7 Things That Make You An Ideal Target For Manipulators


Anyone and everyone is potentially vulnerable to control or manipulation, but some people are more likely to fall victims of manipulation than other. Certain personality traits, behaviors, and ways of thinking expose you to manipulators influence. What exactly makes one a walking target and how to avoid being manipulated? The moment I realized I was […]

October 20, 2016