The Wind Makes Me Feel Anxious…

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Wind Makes Me Anxious
January 27, 2017

Today is my day off at work, and I could make better use of it than just sit at home by the heater and complain. But it’s the hurricane season in the Atlantic and the weather is pretty crazy today. The cold front has brought dark clouds, occasional heavy showers, hail, and the wind, so going for a walk entails risk of getting wet and falling ill.

There isn’t much research on how the strong wind affects mental health, but there are police statistics and popular beliefs. In Polish, we say “the wind blows as if someone had just hung himself”. That’s because halny, a strong and warm foehn-like wind that comes from the Carpathian mountains, is linked to a significant increase of the number of occurrences such as suicides, criminal offenses, and home violence, especially among the mountain population. The same goes for the Santa Ana wind, Chinook, Foehn, Bora, Sirocco, and other similar phenomena. It’s not a coincidence that it’s the mountain people that have the highest suicide rate in Poland. They’re gone with the wind, so to speak.

Why is that? Nobody knows it for sure because as I said, there is little research on meteopathy. But, according to popular lore and statistics in different parts of the world affected by strong winds, they are always related to negative changes in mood and behavior.

One of the reasons why being a Highly Sensitive Person is difficult is that we are more affected by weather changes. I don’t fear the wind as such, as I have never had any traumatic experience linked to strong wind even though I am an ocean sailor. Hurricanes, tornados and other phenomena of this kind are pretty uncommon in my hometown, too. But strong winds have always caused me otherwise unexplained anxiety and tension. Like some disaster is about to happen, even though there is no reason to believe so. I’m not sure if it’s the sound of the wind blowing itself, or if it’s the vibration it causes. But even the mobile internet signal sucks today, so there must be something to it.



How do you react to strong winds? Do they affect you in any way?

I’m curious about your experiences, so feel free to drop me a comment below.




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  1. Ali Rost says:

    Oh my goodness .. I had no idea! I’ve never heard the connection with wind and suicide (or anything like it for that matter). Thank-you so much .. I learned a few things today.

  2. Dawn says:

    I just searched the internet because my anxiety is irrational. I hate how the house creaks. I think i can feel the wind on some level, even though I’m inside. Uuugh. Not much out there for info. I must be weird. 🙂

    • Marta says:

      Huh, so there is already two of us!

      • Shawn says:

        More than two! Count me in. Very strong winds today and I’m finding myself battling anxiety. Not because of fear of it. Just unexplained anxiety and “pressure”? If that’s a thing. I found your article while I was looking to see if wind and anxiety are related or not. Thank you!!

  3. Andrew Freinkel, MD says:


    I’m a retired psychiatrist and very interested in your post. I know about the Santa Ana winds, of course, but I’d never heard of the Chinook. So, thanks for bringing this to greater attention.

    The scientific literature about the mechanism of this is scant and somewhat contradictory. I think it’s not about physical pain; it may be related to anxiety. There’s something unnerving about the unpredictability of wind; the second-to-second uncertainty of being blown about. Is ground wind more uncomfortable that sitting in a chair on a boat? What about wind created by a fan?

    Anyway, I’d love to talk to you about this.

    best regards,


    • kim says:

      Outside wind does not usually bother me, but the wind from a fan inside blowing directly on me makes my skins crawl and sends me into a panic. That sounds so crazy to me, just wondering why that happens.

      As I sit her on a hot summer night we have our fan on and it is osculating and I have it positioned to turn right before it hits me, still anxious but no where near I would be if it was directly hitting me, even the sound of it bothers me. Wondering if anybody else feels this way, or am I the only one.

  4. G says:

    Hi, so i just googled about anxiety and strong winds.

    I live in a coastal city, in Northern Europe. Today we had really strong wind (earlier the night we had strong squall, thunderstorms and rain showers). Now is nighttime, 00:33, it’s still going strong. Today, evening time I exit a bus, and was walking towards my home. The strong wind suddenly irritated me and saddened me. It made me feel bad about myself. I felt weak, dependent and very small. I felt as if the wind was belittling me, it was overpowering. I just found it strange, never happened before. Like some doom is lurking above my head, to wreak havoc on me. The city suddenly appeared big, and I’m here, trying to reach my home without any incident, the sky looked expansive above my head like never before, the earth below my feet looked so small compared to it, the surroundings appeared rude and unwelcoming, with a grey tint cast upon it. Just plain strange that I felt this way becouse of strong wind.

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